Sunday, November 25, 2012

Posting Colors

Ryan's getting to do some very cool things during his Freshman year. In baseball, he's getting to play ball in Baum stadium, and having a locker with his name on it. Pretty neat for a boy who grew up cheering for the Hogs. And with ROTC, he's recently been chosen to be on the color guard for a few events. Saturday he got to present the colors during the last home football game. Which, in any Hog fan's mind, would typically be the pinacle of all events at the UofA, if we weren't having a horrible year in football. Which we are. No matter that we lost only by 4 to the #7 team in the nation. We'll have a new coach by next week. Even though the game was cold, we got to see our little boy out on the field, sat in the most comfortable seats we've ever been in, and put away at least one whole bag of Kettle Korn!


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