Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting closer still...

Bricks are on, waiting on paint to match the rest of the house. Interior walls are painted and tiles are down and waiting for grout. We've cleaned up a lot of the yard and I've painted some of the transition. Rolle is exhausted from all the workers in the yard and the constant noise in her domain. Tomorrow we get the rest of the flooring and since the electricity is on, and the water is connected, I think I'll be moving items by the end of next week. I haven't handled the dirt and dust well, but I'm hoping to do a final thorough cleaning and prep for the move before the kids get home for the holidays at the end of next week. I've also called the adoption specialist and I'm waiting for her to call us back with our current status and next step. It's getting ready to get pretty exciting around here!  



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