Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mid Winter Break - Day 1!

Bowling in Russellville!

Yesterday was a blast! We all went to Russellville to eat pizza and go bowling! It was really fun as we were one of the only people in the entire building! We cheered, gave high fives, and took pictures! Anyone SERIOUS about bowling wouldn't have enjoyed being beside us!

I love watching Richard play with our kids! NOTHING can take the place of the nurturing a dad can give his kids! He is so good with them and a great encourager! Everyone took turns sharing frames with Sheridan...except me, because I wasn't doing too well, and I didn't want to fall too far behind Richard...aren't I petty?! Looking back, I'm a little embarrassed by my selfishness.

I really can't get over the fact that Ryan is 14! I remember the first time he went bowling with the Sparks from church. He's always been such a perfectionist, it crushed him every time the ball went in the gutter! Now he bowls by himself and looks like an adult! OH MY!

We ate lasagne for dinner, a Valentine's treat for Richard. (his #1 requested dish) After dinner we watched some family movies, including Ryan's birth and first days. I had to explain to the girls that we have a lot more video of Ryan than them. It's a sad but true fact. They enjoyed watching some of their birthdays and some video of them riding their bikes and scooter.

(I had totally forgotten that I got a very graphic video of a huge scooter accident Erin had. Her face actually bounces off the driveway when she was about 6. Richard rewound it several times and we watched it frame by frame. We're talking serious funny video.)

We ended the night with a loud game of spoons. My kids always pick this as their favorite game to play. Everyone on the floor throwing cards and laughing is a good time!

How will we top it today?!


david santos said...

Really beautiful.
Nice photos.
have a good weekend

Ashley said...

Whoa! If I had not seen Richard wearing a red shirt in that picture with Sheridan, I would have thought the next picture (of Ryan) was him!!!! Your baby sure is growing up!