Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I need a haircut...

Every woman knows that sometimes a new haircut is almost as good as a new vehicle. I'm at that place today. Yesterday my longer hair was behaving and looking OK, and today it looks hideous. Do you remember the "fry guys" from the old McDonalds commercials? That's me. I have to wonder how I ever went out of the house yesterday.

Also, all of a sudden it takes so much longer to fix...for heaven sakes Jennifer, call for an appointment! Well, I can't get in until next week! I'm considering calling and whining to my hair lady tomorrow to get "worked in."

I can't think about anything that is really important until I get this taken care of. And this is a perfect example of what my husband calls a "rich people's problem." WHICH MEANS: I'm truly blessed and should be more thankful, less prideful and start waking up even earlier to tame down my long hair instead of complaining...until next Friday...8 days from now.

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Maranda said...

How'd your begging go?? And your hair really isn't that bad... :)