Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Way to go girl!

Lauren ran in her last Cross Country meet today in Russellville. Richard had to finish up some things at work and pick up Ryan from football. I was getting the house ready for our parenting class tonight, picking up Sheridan from school at 3:15, and then picking Erin up at 4:00 from Quiz Bowl practice...suffice it to say, we didn't get to see her run in her last meet.

She got a medal! I am so proud of her...she ran her fastest, somewhere (unofficially) around 15:?? and she got 7th in district!

This is a pic from her last meet we went to...yeah, I got a great shot of her her touching her toes. (My camera is so slow/dinky that it took it a half second too long to take the picture. Really, she wasn't posing or hiding!)

Lauren (left) and a running friend.

Even though I've publicly stated that I think running for fun is a sickness, I am very respectful and proud of those who do it. And of course, mostly my sarcasm is to cover my total lack of desire in the area of physical fitness. Once again, so pathetic.

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Laura said...

Way to go, Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)