Friday, October 24, 2008

100 Things About Me

For my 100th post (give or take 1) I've composed a list of 100 things about me. If you're here...don't feel obligated to read all 100 items. I did learn some things about myself and so it's really just for me that I made the list. And obviously, I left out the stuff I need to work on.

1. I am a child of God. He made me, died for me and lives in me since November 1991.
2. I am deeply in love with my husband of 16 years.
3. I am a mother of 5. One boy, three girls, one in heaven.
4. I love to teach.
5. I love to sing and harmonize.
6. I love Christmas music.
7. I have an Advertising and Public Relations degree from the University of Arkansas. (1991)
8. I am very thin-skinned. (so don't comment if you don't like my blog!)
9. I would love to be an inspirational public speaker to women on marriage or parenting.
10. I love to read and I ALWAYS have a book in my bag.
11. I never drink coffee. I don't like coffee-breath or even the smell of coffee beans.
12. I want to write a book.
13. I always wanted twin boys, still do.
14. Philippians is my favorite book.
15. I love to sit on the beach and in the sun but I don't like to be seen in a swimsuit.
16. My favorite Christian fiction authors are Dee Henderson, Kristin Heitzemann & Lori Wick.
17. Unloading the dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen is my least favorite job in the house.
18. I think vacuuming is therapeutic.
19. I would love to have a wonderful flower garden someday with benches and bird baths and a water feature.
20. My favorite Sonic drink is a Diet Vanilla Coke.
21. My favorite restaurant is Red Lobster. (Bring on the cheddar bay biscuits!)
22. I have a bag fetish.
23. My favorite childhood memory is summer camp.
24. I do love Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies.
25. I have a lot of crafty tendencies but not a lot of resources.
26. I don't like to shop (spend money) but I do like to look.
27. Bible Study Fellowship has made a tremendous impact on my life.
28. I don't like to exercise but I wish I did. If Roller Skating was popular I might be in better shape.
29. My favorite food is peanut butter followed closely by salsa & chips.
30. My favorite word is "guacamole." (It's fun with any accent)
31. I love to play fast (and loud) card games like Nertz (Dutch Blitz).
32. If I had extra money I'd like to have a pedicure a couple times a year.
33. I loved having my first Rhea Lana Sale!
34. If I lost 50 lbs. I'd be happier and healthier.
35. My favorite hymns are Great is Thy Faithfulness and It Is Well With My Soul (verse 3 esp.).
36. I love autumn/fall colors: oranges, golds, red and cranberry.
37. I thought my wedding was a deep and rich cranberry color...but it was hot pink.
38. I love coconut cream pie (slightly warm) or pecan pie.
39. I like to read cookbooks with pictures.
40. The only magazine I read with any regularity is Family Fun.
41. I still like my everyday dishes even though I picked them out 17 years ago and Richard approved them only because of the size of the serving plate.
42. I am a Razorback fan - even when we lose.
43. I love to play games and I especially like to win.
44. I've always wanted to wear hats but I never have the courage to.
45. I love listening to my kids laugh.
46. The Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC is one of my favorite places in the US.
47. I can eat and enjoy breakfast food anytime of the day.
48. I prefer blue ink over black.
49. I love Sharpies!... in all colors!
50. My big splurge is getting my hair colored. (I really did used to be a blond)
51. I have been a Contact Mom for 8 years for Growing Families International.
52. I snuggle with Sheridan more than all my other children. (She's the last baby)
53. My act of rebellion in college was getting my left ear pierced twice.
54. I named one of my girls after my childhood best friend.
55. I love to mow the lawn.
56. I love Cinderella movies.
57. Every night when I put Sheridan in bed I say "God made you. Jesus died for you and the Holy Spirit wants to live in your heart."
58. I love to take naps.
59. I'd like to be friends with Beth Moore, Elizabeth Elliot and Elizabeth George.
60. I have a snowman collection but stopped buying any more last Christmas.
61. I am crushed (absolutely mortified) when people think bad things about me that aren't true.
62. I want everyone to like me. ( do realize this is impossible)
63. I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.
64. I wish we had patio furniture.
65. I want to be known for helping/encouraging couples in their marriages.
66. I'd love to lead a hand bell choir or a ladies choir.
67. Fall is my favorite season.
68. I don't desire to travel overseas.
69. I pray for my children's spouses several times a week.
70. I love my father-in-laws homemade ice cream and pound cake.
71. I wish my parents could visit more.
72. I want to paint my master bedroom chocolate but I'm too chicken.
73. It chokes me up every time I realize my parents love my husband so much.
74. The first solo I ever sang was "El Shaddai" by Amy Grant.
75. For me, there's no place like home. (especially when we get the front yard landscaped)
76. I wish I had a purse I love. My husband thinks I have plenty.
77. I'd go anywhere with my husband.
78. I was in the band 6th - 12th grade. My favorite part was being drum major during marching season.
79. I had a job in college that let me sit at the press table, center court, at all the Razorback basketball games.
80. When I order food in a restaurant I read the entire menu then order my usual so I won't be disappointed.
81. I make great chocolate chip cookies and brownies.
82. My 1st date with Richard was to El Chico and a New Song concert.
83. I'm not a perfectionist.
84. I used to be 100% choleric. Now I'm choleric with my children, sanguine in public and phlegmatic at home.
85. I hardly ever have cash in my purse.
86. I love Kettle Korn and most fair food.
87. I cut all my kids' hair.
88. Our garage is the messiest room in our house and it drives me crazy.
89. I wish I had $ to take Richard to a Cowboys game in their new stadium.
90. My favorite Bath & Body scent is Velvet Tuberose.
91. I took piano lessons for 7 years. I play about 7 songs.
92. Richard has taken me on dates to Aspen, the Bahamas, Ashville, Atlanta, and Kansas City. (Oh yes, Six Flags over Texas too)
93. I'd rather get flowers (annuals/perennials/bulbs) than cut flowers.
94. My favorite HGTV show is Mission Organization (except they only show repeats now)
95. I like living in a small town and knowing teachers at school and someone at the doctor's office.
96. We live close enough to an airport and on a major US interstate to go anywhere we want to go.
97. I think growing a garden is cool.
98. My most valuable possession is my wedding ring.
99. If anything ever happened to Richard, I don't know what I'd do.
100. The Arkansas fight song is the ring tone on my cell phone.


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Now I'm not going to comment on everything, but there were several things that caught my eye along the way. I'll see how long the list gets as I go, and I'll try my best to keep it short:

1. I'm thin-skinned too, or I still wouldn't have issues with my hair. Don't even go there.
2. You have a bag fetish, like a purse, because I remember your mom always having to take you back to find yours where you left it.
3. That's funny about the coffee. How could you stand Grandpa and Grandma?
4. Thanksgiving was always interesting when all of us were like number 43.
5. Do you have a head for number 44? Because I don't.
6. We have breakfast for dinner a lot, and that's what I always order if we go to Cracker Barrel or IHOP.
7. I didn't know about the snowman collection, but I have a small collection too. Weird.
8. I'm all over 61 and 62.
9. I am so a perfectionist though.
10. Robert's ringtone is the Arkansas fight song, not mine!

You have a beautiful voice and I always wanted to sing like you.

~ KK

MomsTheWord said...

My response:

I haven't lost my purse since 1993, and after I canceled all my credit cards and cried for about an hour...I found it on one of the dining room chairs pushed in under the table. And no fair bringing up my junior high issues.

I have a head for hats, but not the right shaped face.

Because of Gma and Gpa I don't drink coffee. Funny, it worked the opposite on you.


Maranda said...

I copied you and made my own 100 things list! I didn't do it on my 100th post, but oh well!

MomsTheWord said...

It's not my original idea. But copying is very flattering!

Laura said...

JBR, I loved your list! I too would love to be friends with Elizabeth George. Love you!!

Ashley said...

I loved reading this list! Number 84 made me laugh out loud! I've never thought about my different personality temperaments in different situations. That is very insightful!