Saturday, December 13, 2008

Play on!

This is Lauren at her 8th grade Christmas Band Concert on Thursday night. The girl just has a gift! She loves playing and has really been focused on All Region music for the last few weeks. I dropped her off at the High School this morning at 7:15 for her to travel to another school for tryouts. She has learned 2 songs and about 10 scales. When she arrives at the tryouts she will learn what scales (of the 10) she'll need to know by memory (some may be 2 octaves) and they will highlight a portion of the songs she has learned.

When it is her turn she will go into a room and play for 3 judges (they are hidden behind a sheet for the sake of anonymity, this only adds to the fear factor) . There will be a First and Second All Region band chosen from the best players. They will travel in a couple weeks to work on music for a concert to be given for parents and directors at the end of the weekend. It's a big thing for band students and I'm praying that 1) she will cast her fear aside when she goes in and 2) that she will enjoy her day with friends and be an encourager.

I can't help be reminded of the miracle it was to receive that instrument at all! The story is here.

Darbie, Lauren and Coco. Two of these girls are twins!

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