Friday, December 12, 2008

I love mail!

Is there anyone who doesn't like a hand addressed letter in their mailbox? OK, well, it's not likely to happen any time but this time of year! I love opening Christmas cards and looking at pictures of family and friends. Hopefully, those I sent cards to enjoyed our family shot too!

But, what's with my full e-mail box?? In the last two days my inbox has been FULL of things from
U Scoot Power Chair Provider,
Money Shop Direct,
US Citizen Money Available,
Satellite TVAmerica,
OxyContin Addiction Help,
Credit Report America,
Personalized Christmas Decorations,
My 60-Second Scoops, and Best Price!

Who are these desperate people, how did they suddenly get my e-mail address, and who is answering them? NOT ME. They're getting my messages bounced right back in their boxes. I don't even read the Christmas catalog from Lillian Vernon or Eddie Bauer anymore!

Life's too short to chase all these rabbits, especially when I need to go get gas in my van (before I get stranded) , the dishwasher needs to be unloaded and reloaded, there are clothes in the dryer that need folded, the tubs need scrubbed and I need to love on my little ones....
I guess I should get off here now too...

I think I got a new Christmas card today I can read!

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