Sunday, December 7, 2008

Laundry Tips

1. If you're walking around on your deck (near the outside dryer vent) and you smell something sweet, like Cotton Candy, you ought to immediately go check the dryer. Red chapstick doesn't come out of clothes. Especially your favorite shirt from Gymboree that goes with a sweater (and hat) you bought new for your baby girl!

2. Cell phones don't recover from a regular wash cycle.

However we are working on reviving one: we have put the phone in the oven at 100 degrees (as suggested by a relative) to dry it out on the inside... with no results. Currently the phone is in a zip lock baggie with dry rice (as suggested by the phone guy at the phone store) in an effort to draw the water out of it. (this is not a joke) I will report on the findings at a later date.

3. If your Jr High student is looking for their lunch card, it is in the dryer. Good thing they're laminated.

4. Now N Later candy should never be given out in AWANA as a prize or incentive. It's left forgotten in their jeans and it will decorate the inside of my dryer for the next decade. Jean pockets are also now permanently stuck together. Maybe that's what the NOW and Later stand for?

I know, but I don't take the time to check pockets, OK?


Ashley said...

LOL! Yes, and I'd like to add nametags from the church nursery. If those go into the dryer, the sticky stuff NEVER comes off your clothes. It just stays sticky so all dirt can remain stuck to it forever.

Ashley said...

To all of your faithful readers, keep in mind that this is especially painful when you own a children's consignment sale. Every piece of children's clothing in my house equals income, so I feel like I've lost $$$ every time I can't get a stain out. :(