Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Vacation 2

On Sunday we started our day celebrating the Christmas week with our church family.

Sunday evening we went caroling with about 35 people. At the first house we went to the lady sang along...she is celebrating her 90th Christmas! Can you imagine that? She loved having us and invited us all to squeeze into her living room.

We caroled for about 2 hours and our last stop was at a Retirement Home where our former neighbor lives. My kids especially liked singing for Mrs. Smith. (Ryan is standing beside her in this picture, she is sitting in the white sweatshirt)

After caroling our new LIFE GROUP came over to our house for hot drinks and snacks! It was a great day!

On Monday Ryan and I went to an appointment with the orthopedic doctor again about his knee. He scheduled an MRI for us and he's going to see us right after Christmas to see if Ryan needs to have a scope.

When we got home Lauren and Sheridan had a piano piece ready for our entertainment: (thank you Erin for the pics!)

After lunch Erin went to her friend's house for awhile and Lauren had two friends over. Later in the afternoon they played hide n seek. It's really fun when you can get Sheridan to play along: :)

Yes, she has her pjs on! She wanted to keep them on all day since her friend couldn't come over!

One of my favorite things is when my kids make up their own fun and have fun doing it together!
One morning we woke up to snow...in the hallway of our house. The girls had stayed up late punching holes in white paper and spread it down the hall for snow! OH MY! It was funny and clever and they were so happy with themselves that they surprised me!

They have also all emptied the dishwasher, helped fold and put away laundry, kept their rooms up, and helped with things around the house while they've been home. We've had a great time...and the break is hardly over!

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