Thursday, January 1, 2009


Every year we each make a list of our highlights from the year. We started about 3 years ago to help my teens remember that our family isn't boring and that we have a lot of fun together! As always I needed to learn too...reflecting on our year is a good way for me to COUNT MY BLESSINGS. God is good, all the time.

This is an abbreviated look at my list (it is in no particular order) :
1. Our cruise to the Bahamas

2. My first Rhea Lana's Event

3. Having a blog all year...and keeping up!

4. Trip to Florida with our family.

5. Sheridan's dress-up birthday party.
6. Watching Lauren run Cross Country, Erin swim and Ryan play football!
7. Spring Break - working at Mission Arlington with our family.
8. Enjoying substituting this first year out of the house!
9. Prayer Conference...with G Frizzell.
10. Finally, landscaping the house.

Ryan's list also included his 90 yard touchdown!
Lauren's list also included her Birthday dinner!
Erin's list also included making two new friends this year!
Sheridan's list also included starting Kindergarten!
Richard's list also included the Razorbacks winning over LSU on Thanksgiving weekend.

Counting our blessings...

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