Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa

I have taken a picture of my kids in front of my parent's tree for the last 14 years!
Maybe someday I'll get them all together!

We're so blessed we get to spend the Christmas holiday with both of our extended families!

We spend Christmas Eve with the Rogers and drive to MH to wake up at Grandma & Grandpa's house on Christmas day. Grandma and Grandpa have pjs waiting for the kiddos and stockings are filled for Christmas morning.

Monkey bread is our traditional breakfast...starting the day with sugar is our way!! Because I don't make this at home, my kids talk about it starting in November!

L & S waiting patiently for gifts...

Lauren is excited...
The camera she's been hinting about...

Erin has been asking for an Easy Bake oven for about 4 years...of course she's also been asking for a horse. This year was her year! (FOR THE OVEN)

Likewise, my little boy has ALWAYS wanted a sport coat! I'm not sure why because we don't really dress for any occasions in our life. The boy/man does look good in it (even over his sleeping clothes).

It drives my dad crazy to not pick up the paper...but it is fun at the end!

Love your new coat honey!

Later in the day the rest of my mom's family comes over for lunch and we also got to spend the next two days with my brother's family, including cousin Meredith who is 1 year older than Sheridan. There's lots of pretending, coloring, and playing!

I wish this picture of the cousins wasn't blurry, but it is!

Way to go Erin! She's so sweet she shared this cake! (and there's not much to share!)

Counting my blessings...


Maranda said...

Such good pictures! It cracks me up that Erin wanted an Easy Bake Oven...she's big enough to cook in the regular oven! :-)

And Ryan looks very handsome in his sports coat...

MomsTheWord said...

She does cook in our kitchen! She still wanted one so bad!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Well, I had to wait until I was 31 to get my Easy Bake Oven. Glad she got one sooner than that!

Got your box the same day you left a comment about it. The books look like something we can use. Thanks!