Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The boy turns 15!

This boy/man has gradually taken the place of my baby! Really, it didn't sneak up on me and I'm glad to be out of the diaper, toddler, and middle school years with him! I'm so thankful that his heart is right with God, his mind is on the things it should be and he's happy with so little. There are times when our ways clash...like when he's drumming in the garage and I can hear it in the back of the house. Or when he needs stinky clothes washed for school and he forgot about them until morning! Or when he wakes me up to tell me "good night." OK, I know it is precious that he still wants to tell me good night, but he needs to do it before I'm in bed with the lights off and in pretty good REM sleep.

This is the year of the driver's permit...if Richard let's him get one. I will tell you this...if you want your teenager to clean off his desk, give him a computer.

I love you Ryan!

You are one of my richest blessings.

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