Thursday, January 29, 2009

A guest!

OK, a guest I invited wouldn't normally get a tour of my house. I just don't have that kind of house. Even my favorite family pics down the back hall don't get seen by just anyone.

But today an appraiser is coming. Of course we're refinancing...shouldn't everyone? I'm hoping it's the woman who made the appointment. She just might appreciate how we fit 6 people in this house an how the bath towels are folded all the same. Not that she'd say anything...but at the moment my towels are all that I have going for me after EVERYONE was home from school yesterday.

Seriously, I'm 3 weeks from my consignment event and my house is busting at the seams with childrens' items. I have about 350 items hung in my room on racks I brought in, getting ready for my spring event. I have at least that many items in piles around the room. I have about 6 tubs and baskets of other various items to sell: shoes, games, books, etc. That's not to mention the hundreds of hangers that are all in two tubs next to my supply box with 1000 safety pins and tags. Maybe she'll appreciate that the hangers are all together. Maybe not.

In my living room I have one set of clothes in process: Half on hangars, half on hangars with tags. There's a big difference. Another group is priced, tagged and in a neat pile between the couch and TV. I mean, there was 3 feet of unused space there yesterday and I couldn't resist.

I'd like to take time to straighten the girls room, but the appraiser is going to see my garage and what we lovingly refer to as shelf city. It's ceiling high with our games, books, school and craft supplies, picture albums and VCR collection. Erin's Easy Bake is on the floor along with a sleeping bag or two and the Christmas decorations that just can't go in the garage. Yikes! The games are arranged by age appropriateness. A man just wouldn't notice kids don't notice that. So what's the point of straitening the girls' beds...that would just make them look neater than me!

OK, so instead of stalling I'm going to clean off the kitchen counter, arrange my sale papers into 2, no, 4 piles, and make sure there aren't unmentionables hanging in the laundry room.

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