Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things I learned in Junior High

I substituted in the Junior High for a month and I learned some things. These are things that I evidently pondered...because I just found this list in a book I was reading during that month. If your child is in the Jr High...these just might be insightful, if not, it was still insightful to me.

The starred items were true when I was in school too.

*Triangle Pizza is better than rectangle pizza.

*School Cafeterias have the best rolls.

Kids in Jr High as a whole don't really see a "zero" as that big of a deal.

The most popular reads today fall in two categories: scary books and snobby books.

Bad language is no concern for most students, especially if they are writing a note.

There is an actual rule in school about saggy pants and low cut shirts. (There is a teacher in our Jr High who will use a zip tie to hold up a boys pants if he doesn't correct the problem when the teacher points it out)

*Teachers with the gift of encouragement are needed at the Jr High level.

"Yes Mam" is absolutely a foreign language.

Noon detention is not a deterrent.

Jr High kids get GIDDY on chicken nugget day. The cafeteria ladies have a lot of power over the entire mood of the kids. Not to mention the sweet tea they provide for the teachers.

Kids today talk openly about things we would've NEVER mentioned in public. (feminine products!)

*Copy machines are cool!


Shelley said...

I agree with all but one of your observations. School rectangle pizza rocks! I love it and always have.

MomsTheWord said...

That's hilarious! It smells good but it never makes me want more!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I'm with Shelley. That was the only day I would eat school lunch once I got to Junior High and High School. When I was working at the church in Illinois as Financial Secretary, the CDC had that kind of pizza...I was in heaven those days because I got some too!