Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome Landon Donovan Rogers

NO, we don't have a new baby! But Lauren did...for two days! This is an interactive baby, also a school science project, that cries, burps, needs rocked, and all at random times! All 8th graders get the joy of bringing one home during the year.

The baby has a computer chip in it that can be activated at the school and only de-activated at the school! Lauren wore a matching chip on a waterproof bracelet on her wrist for two days so only she could care for this baby. It can detect neglect, when it's neck isn't supported, or when it's diaper is off. When the baby makes noises you have to try several things for it to make a cooing sweet sound.

The lessons are many. The crying in the middle of the night...exhausting. As I helped Lauren calm down at 3:45 this morning (screaming babies are not common around here)...I told her that the very emotion she was experiencing is the reason I am a Contact Mom. Babies need our help and they can't verbalize what they need! When I get phone calls from moms in tears, or moms who are working with their babies to help them she'll know why they need an encouraging word.

Lauren is going to make a great mom, someday. After this school project she knows that she's not ready quite yet. And I'm CERTAINLY not ready to be a GRANDMOTHER. Can you believe someone called me that????


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Well, dear cousin, technically we are old enough. I hate to be the one to break it to you...

Lauren said...

oh my goodness... wasn't that an experience.. UGH!!!

(i do miss getting to hold him! ♥ but i DO NOT MISS THE CRYING!)