Friday, February 27, 2009

The many t-shirts of Erin

This is Erin's Quiz Team t-shirt - Go KMS! Worn every other Tuesday, or possibly Thursday, or the days when she has a meet. No one at our house is sure.

This school year Erin has a t-shirt for
Student Council, AWANA, Select Choir, and Quiz Bowl.

Said shirts have to be worn on appropriate days. If she forgets...she apparently can use the office phone to beg for it to be brought to her. First, I have to find the shirt...sometimes wash and dry the shirt, sometimes refold everything in the drawer that holds the shirts, sometimes clear a path to the drawer that holds the shirts...and finally drive to the school to deliver the shirt.

I love the many t-shirts of Erin.

This is the Choir shirt- worn on Assembly day last week for last semester's grades.

This is Erin's Student Council shirt. She wears this on some Friday of the month, we're not absolutely sure...and sometimes they remind everyone on the announcements in the morning. She calls me right after that.

This is E's AWANA shirt....worn every Sunday night during the school year...

unless it is a special theme night like... dress up like a Music Star week...

AND AWANA QUIZ MEET: Tonight! Yea me, for having it clean!

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Ashley said...

I've always known that Erin and I had similar personalities, but this post made me laugh so hard at just how similar we were at that age!!! Wow!

I had so much fun reading all of your blog posts from the past two months tonight! I've been missing out. It is definitely time to get back to blog world!