Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Funny Books

Awhile back I picked up some Susan May Warren books at our local library about rescues under the name Team Hope and they were good. I googled her and found out she had lots of other works including the Deep Haven series (I had read these a long time ago) and I ordered this Josey series because the reviews sounded good and I needed something new. Now, it seems that SMW has been writing for awhile, I just hadn't noticed her name on some of the 4-in-1 books that are out and also some 20 other books she has published.

I really enjoyed reading these books! The characters are people I could've gone to school with or met in town. They are real! Josey is a very average girl from Minnesota who decides to go to Russia to be a missionary. This is about as far as she can get from her friends, her family, her skills, her comfort zone. It made me wonder if I could do what she did (the author was actually a missionary in Russia at one time). She starts out way over her head and that is where the funny scenes take place. These books are definitely self-discovery on the part of the main character...and there are truths in each book for all of us to think about for ourselves.

I think books 2 and 3 are even better than the first. If you can get your hands on these, they are worth the time!

Book 1: Everything's Coming Up Josey!
Book 2: Chill Out, Josey!
Book 3: Get Cozy, Josey!

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