Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mission Arlington 09

This is our second year to take our entire family on a mission trip over Spring Break. Mission Arlington is such a wonderful chaotic place that is reaching out to many, many families in the city with the love of Jesus. As a Spring Breaker there any day might include teaching Backyard Bible Clubs, moving 1000 cans of corn to the food pantry, handing out free items at an apartment complex, picking up trash at a complex, sorting through donated items, keeping children whose parents are shopping. One day this year I even parked cars for a funeral!

Ryan leads singing here at Rainbow Express Bible Club meeting. His silly rendition of "Father Abraham" had the entire group up on their feet and laughing.

Lauren taught the Bible Story on this day with her group.

Puppets...low tech but big effect.

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Ashley said...

I saw in our church bulletin (do they still call them that?) that our junior high youth group is going to Mission Arlington this summer. Thought of you guys!