Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flipped Out Party!

For Erin's 12th we decided to have a crazy party! The invitation said, "We're flipped out Erin is 12! Come prepared to celebrate!" She has some great friends and we all had a blast.

We played a lot of fun the girls had to write their names with their feet. We had a prize for the best! Here you can see Erin's crazy ensemble!

The next game each girl was given a deck of cards. Each deck was different and Richard told a story about cowboys and fence lines and ranch hands. (I happen to know he was making it up as he went along!) Each girl put some of their cards down as he told them to during the story.

I don't think they caught on until the very end what was coming. At the end of the story he told them all the cows broke out of their fences and mixed together. Yes, 52-card pick up! The first one to get all their cards together...and in order won this game! Silly girls. You can several of them listening intently to him in this picture! Ha!

We had Oreo cupcakes with crumbles on top and yellow Oreos on the side! The forsythia centerpiece has little charms on them from Mimi. They are spring like and added a cute whimsical touch. There are bingo balls in a glass jar too. Funny huh?

Erin and Cortney

These two friends are gorgeous! I was playing with the pics and accidentally turned this one into black and white. Corina and Rebecca. Twins, if you can't tell.

We had smoothies...every girl got to pick what she wanted mixed in hers. Richard tended the blender. The cups had their names on them and they got to take them home. In this picture Tori, Emily, Hallie, Britni and Carly.

Throwing a big party must include everyone. Something in my retail upbringing prohibited me from really enjoying the mismatched outfits, but everyone else thought it was too fun to be left out. Sheridan was tickled to get to pick out her own crazy clothes. Silly family.

This was a good group pic. I had this made into a thank you card to give to all the guests as a thank you!

Laughter is so good! I'm thankful for Erin's friends.


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Happy 12th, Erin!!! What a fun party you had. It looks like your hair is getting curlier as you are getting older, too.

Have a great YEAR!

Laura said...

What a fun time!!! You are so creative with your birthday party planning. I'll come to you for advice on that one day, so keep your ideas filed please. Thanks. :)


Ashley said...

You guys seriously give the best parties! What fun!!!