Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Kickin' Boy

It was a little surprising to us that Ryan chose to play soccer this year instead of baseball. He has competed on a traveling competitive baseball team since he was 7!

Of course, he's played soccer since he was 6 and when he was 12 won a state championship. The best part was that Richard was the coach that year. Ryan doesn't make many foolish decisions, so when he told us he wanted to try to play soccer on the high school team this year we knew that he would give it his all.

In 2007 our soccer program here brought home a state championship and he wanted a chance to do the same. Another big factor in his decision was that several of the boys on the team were from his winning 12-year-old team and they were kids he likes to spend time with.

The boys played hard this year and were 14-4. And this week we've traveled an hour and half north, 3 days out of the last 5, to watch the Panthers play in the state tournament. Yesterday they lost in the semi-final game.

Ryan is so disappointed. It's hard to know how to encourage my son at this time because from my point of view they had such a great year. I want him to know that no matter what, he is loved and valuable in a million ways and his dad and I are VERY proud of him and they way he played this year.

The good news is that he has 5 days of rest until Spring Football.


Ashley said...

Wasn't Richard #13 when he played soccer?

MomsTheWord said...

He's always been #14. Ryan has too, but as a freshman, he took whatever number they gave him. A junior had #14 and so he'll have to wait for that.