Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rolle's last days?

Some of our sweet friends are moving and are considering taking Rolle with them. For over a year we've been (kind of) trying to find a new home for our two labs. Rascal is a 7 year old chocolate lab and was a present to Erin for her 3rd birthday.

Rolle was a Valentine's present for Rascal 5 years ago. She's so sweet and we love her but basically she doesn't get enough play time and attention. We would feel so good to have Rolle with our friends than to give her to someone we don't know.

Funny, she's gotten cuter over the last two days.


mwatkins said...

If you've got someone who wants a Jack-Russell, we've got one to give away to a loving home! haha

MomsTheWord said...

Rolle is staying here for now. They didn't want to upset the older dog they already have. We're all OK with it...everyone except the guy who buys all the food.