Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loving on Grandma

My mom has been blessed with a great business. She has owned a ladies clothing store since I was in 6th grade and owned a children's clothing business from 1975-1991. God has been so good to bring many customers her way through years of plenty and want. He also gave her a keen business mind and endurance for a on-your-feet job and mission field.

Every year on Memorial weekend the shopping center she is in has a huge sidewalk sale to commemorate the building of the Town East Centre. It takes a lot of extra people to work this weekend. Customers love this weekend and come out in droves for a bargain on great clothes and accessories.

Six years ago my due date with Sheridan was the day of the sale. It has been a hot topic of sorts for the last few years if I was going to be able to work! It's good to be needed, and the best part is I get to help my mom during some of her busiest days of the year.

Over the years I've taken a high school girl to work with me, a babysitter for my little ones at grandma's house, my mother-in-law, and most recently Lauren!

(these pictures weren't taken during the rush!)

(One of the little perks is getting new things...Lauren picked out these glasses. The sticker on the front didn't even bother her!)

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