Friday, May 29, 2009

Sheridan's 6th!

(I'm getting ready to see just how many pictures I can fit on one blog entry)

We had the most fun hosting a POLKA DOT PARTY for our SIX YEAR OLD and six of her friends. Grandma found a cute cute outfit for Sheridan...we provided sticky dots for those who didn't wear POLKA DOTS...we gave a bag of gum balls for our party favors...the girls searched for colored dots in the yard and...we ate all CIRCLE food! Ahhh. I love it!

Can you find the POLKA DOTS in each picture?

Ummm, "right hand" and "left hand" were somewhat confusing for these kindergartners in classic TWISTER.

Talk about some cuties!

This is Sheridan's new friend from kindergarten. I love this picture and how she is concentrating on her BINGO card.

Jaydn, Sheridan, Anna Grace, Parker, Riley, Indi and Claire. We are blessed.

Several of the girls made homeade cards for Sheridan. She read every word and then the "artist" explained the pictures.

We had Sheridan open only three gifts at a time and then we went to another game. This kept everyone interested and it was still fun to see only ONE person opening gifts! As you can see in the picture they were ASCLOSEASTHEYCOULDGET to the party girl!

It humored me when Sheridan opened a scratch and sniff gift card and called it a "rub and smell" card. The girls knew exactly what she meant and she passed it around so they could smell it. Hee hee!

The polka dots made a VERY CUTE table. I found the stacking circle boxes at Hobby Lobby on sale a few weeks ago and the paper goods and table cloth at K-Mart.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Sheridan, Happy Birthday to you!

Sheridan requested a marble cake (weird, I know). Anyway, I tried to make the chocolate part look like dots and here she discovered one!

Gifts, take two:

Oh, how she has wanted some Littlest Pet Shop things....

I'm giving instructions here for the POLKA DOT round up outside. The girls all picked a color and then had to find six POLKA DOTS in that color in the yard. This went so well, we did it twice.

Gifts, take three.

At the end of the party we kind of wound down in the living room. It was so funny as several of the girls started playing with the Pet Shop guys and then the rest of the girls started reading the new books we gave Sheridan. Yes, that's Ryan reading Biscuit Takes A Walk.

Last year, neither of these girls could read an entire book. Now they read every word! I love it!

We love our happy SIX YEAR OLD!

(That would be 28 pictures, if you made it to the end!)


Ashley said...

I made it to the end! :) You guys throw the best parties!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I also made it to the end, I did not count how many pictures, and I'm taking your word for it. Happy Birthday, Sheridan! You're a cutie!