Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Softball Saga

When games for 5-6 year olds are scheduled for 7:30 (Sheridan's bedtime) we resort to drastic measures to stay pepped up! Sometimes the games are running late...and we don't start until around 8:00. Last time that happened, Rich and Ryan went to the grocery store down the street (allegedly for gum!) and came back with POPSICLES! The kids loved it...and they all had red lips to match their red t-shirts!!

I'm so thankful for my girls who love on all the kiddos in the dugouts. It's not always easy as some girls don't want to go in the field, but would rather drink from their gatorade or play in the dirt. Lauren and Erin add a lot to the team!

Some of the girls don't see each other at school and so they do a lot of girlish chatting, it's not so easy to get them focused!

Sheridan has been playing 3rd base. A lot of balls come that way, and we can usually get her attention so she can run to the right base if she stops the ball! I'm proud of her.

Our last two games haven't been so good. We're now 3-2 and it's getting more and more difficult to get the girls to pay attention. Hmmm.

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Ashley said...

What a blessing it is for Sheridan to have the whole family there helping during the games! How fun!