Monday, May 18, 2009

Kris Allen Day

It's pretty exciting for all of us in Arkansas to have a finalist in the #1 reality television show in America! Kris Allen isn't just musically gifted, but he's a good role model of humility in the midst of the huge culture war that we are in. I've wrestled a little with letting our big kids get very involved with who's in and who's out on this show. After almost every episode we have a pretty good talk about lyrics, costumes (dress choices) and personalities.

When Kris Allen was coming home to Arkansas we were headed to spend the weekend with Mimi and Gramps. Richard thought it would be fun to stop in Conway and now I'm so glad we did! To be honest, if it was a different contestant we might not have been interested, but Kris seems like a very committed young man. The reflections of his family, his church, and his choices were hard for even FOX to miss as they filmed his time in Arkansas.

These are all Erin's pictures. She did a great job capturing the day. Ryan, I'm sorry for losing yours while transfering them to the computer. I know, that still stings, big time.

I know you probably don't have AI filmed...but on the show when they re-capped the visits home, we were in the frame in this view. We watched the confetti fall and we were right behind their car.

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