Sunday, May 10, 2009

New vehicles

It is time! We have talked about it for about 3 years. We cleaned up and put all three vehicles for sale at the end of March. Combined miles on the three are somewhere around 400,000!

We have 3 vehicles because one is usually making funny noises or in the shop. Richard found a Toyota Sequoia in LR to purchase that was the right price and a great fit for him. Mimi and Gramps offered to let us drive one of their cars so we could have all three of ours in town so people would see them. So far...we have sold 2. What a blessing in this economy.

It's crazy to me that people think Richard and I bought a Cadillac. A luxury vehicle. For a family of 6? We can't afford to fix anything on this car! It is the nicest vehicle I have probably ever driven and I am thankful for it everyday. But really, my husband is on staff at a church and I have four kids. Some people are stumbling over themselves to ask if we bought it. Uh, no.

Last weekend we were driving around some car lots in Fayetteville and the smoothest talking car salesman ever spotted us driving around the back of the lot...(that's where you find the good deals, ha!). Anyway, while still in our vehicle he got our family name, hometown, first names, number of children, how much we had to spend and a good idea of what we would spend...our kids were really amazed at his skills. I mean, Richard is VERY GOOD with words and he even got Richard's cell number in a 5 minute conversation. Long story short...we bought a vehicle and drove it home.

Of course Erin had her camera...and here we are on the lot! Woo hoo!


Laura said...

Woohoo!!! Congrats!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

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