Saturday, June 13, 2009

All the way to Tallahassee

We've returned from a wonderful week in Florida. And it all started with a BIG WIN for the HOGS in the super-regional. It wasn't hard to find the FSU campus and it wasn't hard to get a ticket. Evidently, HOG fans were saving their money for Omaha. We were 6 of about 50-75 Razorback fans there!

The FSU campus is really pretty and when we got in, because there weren't a lot of Razorback fans, Richard just walked right up to the players warming up and asked for some baseballs!
WOW! What a souvenir! After the game we mingled with the families and their players and got autographs. It was really fun for my kiddos (and Richard) and a great game to boot!

I will admit that I was against driving to FSU: adding 2 hours to our 12 hour trip, risking getting soaked..(the Thursday game had a 4 hour rain delay!), and basically, I wanted to get to the BEACH! Once again, my adventurous husband was right, and I'm not just saying that because we were on ESPN! (Several of our friends sighted us and my brother even called.)

Today the HOGS won their first game in Omaha! Sheridan is seen here with the winning pitcher...Kuechel.

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Ashley said...

I didn't know you guys got autographed babeballs and talked to the players!!!! How did I miss that?