Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blue Skies and Sunshine!

Mimi and Gramps outdid themselves on our accommodations this year in sunny Florida. We had two houses with a pool. The pool was such a great addition because at some point everyone just gets tired of the sand! Also, the little kids needed to be able to swim more than just in the ocean. It was GREAT!

One of the fun things at the place we stay is that all the homes have creative names. This year we stayed in LOVE SHACK and the others stayed in ROCK LOBSTER. Downstairs our house had two bedrooms/bath with double beds, 2 built in bunk beds... and laundry. Upstairs there was a room with a twin and double bunk system a bathroom, sitting room and a kitchen. By day 4 the stairs were getting to me, but having all this space was a HUGE blessing.

Lauren, Audra, Sheridan and Erin

It's not hard to enjoy your vacation when you can walk to the beach in 1 minute and rinse off when you get home! No packing the car! We could pick up a cooler, towels, and sunblock, and just go! The beach: out our front door, through the fence, over the walkway and you're there!

Sheridan and Titus

Erin and her shades

Richard bought a KADIMA game when we first got to was a huge hit. Two paddles and a ball...some rules and boundary lines and we spent hours playing this cross between ping pong, badmitten and tennis.

This was a family game of FAT BAT at dusk the last night we were all there.

What a GREAT week! I AM SO BLESSED TO BE IN THIS FAMILY! It was so wonderful to have such a peaceful and fun week with my family. I love it that my extended family wants to go places and that they want to take US! I love to see my kiddos playing together on the beach, in the pool, in the car, etc. I pray we will remember the blessings of life when get hard or unpleasant during the year.

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