Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lauren turns 14 in Florida!

My little blond girl is growing up! I love to throw fun birthday parties and this year was tricky because we were on vacation and the whole day couldn't revolve around her like it would at home. (I mean, at home, you don't even have to make your bed on your birthday!)

This is how the day went down:
Lauren opened a present of new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa in the morning.

Sometime in the afternoon I took she and Erin to the gift shop to see if they had something we couldn't do without. We came away empty handed...but then we saw a celebrity outside the store!!

For her birthday dinner (per Lauren's request) we had shrimp (the best ever) compliments of Gramps, fresh corn, new potatoes and cucumbers.

After some cards and a gift of new CDs from us, Mimi surprised everyone with matching t-shirts with our names on them and we put them on before heading outside to have cake and Gramps' homemade ice cream. (This is how Lauren and I are different...my day would've been complete with the ice cream and a spoon.)

We were pool side for Lauren's SAND CASTLE cake.

As it turned dark we went down to the beach for fireworks! It is windy down by the water...and the smoke about got us...but it made for a birthday night to remember!

When we got back to town Richard and I bought Lauren a new bicycle. She has taken up cycling and couldn't quite get around town on hers. I'm so glad she likes to get out there and sweat and stay healthy!

LAUREN, I can't wait to see what another year brings in your life. You have so many precious qualities like caring for others, honesty, your tenderness with children, faithfulness and your slightly delayed laughter. I know the Lord wants to bless you as you grow in Him.

I also know it's not always easy to have parents who are constantly on you to give your "best." I pray that as you follow His will for your life you will see that He alone is the giver of all good gifts. God's path may be narrow and bumpy at times, but it will exceed your imagination by far.

Love, Mom

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