Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

While we were away last week we had the exterior of our house painted (actually, it's stained) . I've been considering this for at least 8 years, Richard has agreed in the last 10 months.

Some may say it is risky leaving the state when you're having your house painted...I mean, you can't say "STOP, THAT'S THE WRONG COLOR!" if you're not there to see it going on. And on about Tuesday of our vacation I remembered what was happening at home and I did get a little nervous. Like what if all the neighbors were talking bad about me and pointing at my house??

Gotta love Facebook, where one of my friends left me a message telling me she was running by the house and thought it looked great! Whew!! That stopped some of the worst-case-scenario dreams I was having. Another very funny friend commented that she loved the chartreuse color! OH my!

The house was 15 years old when we bought it and we've lived here 12 years...and now it doesn't look 27 years old but maybe even half that age. That's just me, and I love it!

before landscaping
before removing shutters
before staining the bricks

During landscaping: November 2008:

new stain

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