Friday, June 19, 2009

Softball Saga - No kidding!

Our regular season ended Thursday night with a loss to a great team. We hadn't seen anyone from our team in 12 days...because of our vacation. And we weren't sure just how on top of our game we were going to be.

The other team was a serious defensive force, and when we got hits (more than I would've bet on considering our off week) we were held to singles. We left the bases loaded one inning and at least another 4 on in other innings. Sheridan didn't hit well during her first two at bats. OK, she didn't hit at all. At her third AB, she went up to the plate left handed. I'm coaching first so I look at Richard (coaching 3rd) and he won't look at me! Ryan (pitching) is smiling, and even though Sheridan's back is to me, I can see her smiling! What are they thinking?? The bases are loaded, we're down by at least 8 and she's batting left for the first time all season??!?

This is what they were thinking...when we were playing fat bat on the beach last week Sheridan asked to hit left handed. Of course we let her and she hit it WAY out, over and over! We all laughed and remembered that was exactly how we learned that Lauren was a left handed hitter, even though everything else is right handed. When Lauren was about 5 she switched sides and has been swinging from that side ever since.

Back to the game...even though I'm mumbling..."I can't believe you're trying this now" and the parents on our team are looking back and forth from Richard to Sheridan waiting for him to turn her around...she hit a G-R-A-N-D S-L-A-M on the first pitch!

No kidding!

We lost 15-8, and our season record was 7-3.

Pray for Emily. She is on our team but can no longer play because she has an enlarged heart.

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