Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lauren at Band Camp

Lauren's going into the 9th grade and this year I conceded that she could go to a camp for a week without us! Fortunately one of the best band programs in the state is 30 minutes away at a University. She had some sweet friends to go with and she had a blast! It was hard leaving her in a stark dorm room...a little bit harder for her since she's only slept in motels, if you know what I mean. But her friend made it fun and she didn't hesitate.

She made lots of new friends and learned some fun music.

Richard drove over to hear her final concert (from our conference) and was thoroughly impressed! I'm so thankful for this week for her. God has provided the instrument , and money for camp, and her ability to play, and friends to enjoy in band and I pray she gives Him all the glory with her music.

I have to include this picture. Lauren was telling me about the director who taught her Masters Class and it was Mr Maxwell, my Jr High Band teacher! He taught me how to play my flute, how to march, and gave me my first job as Drum Major my 9th grade year. Cool.

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