Tuesday, August 4, 2009

School Supplies

I love new school supplies! Yesterday Erin took Sheridan shopping for her First Grade essentials while I was getting the groceries. It's a fun thing to re-load your backpack with new crayons, glue sticks and erasers. Of course, Erin got 3 ring binders, paper refills and tab dividers. It probably loses some of its fun when you get into Junior High.

The teacher lists are out for First Grade and we have been granted favor again with a GREAT teacher. Mrs Copeland will have Sheridan and 18 others. Mrs Copeland goes to church with us, her daughter is one of Erin's friends, her son is one of Ryan's friends, and I couldn't be more excited about Sheridan getting to spend a year in her class.

I would've said "God is good all the time," even if Sheridan had gotten someone we didn't know, but I know that I am to say "thank you" for His blessings and this is one of them.

Praying for: Mrs Copeland, Savanna, Taylor, Abel, Andrea, Tony, Yasmin, Bailey, Quintin, Camaryn, Dillon, Chandler, Skylar, Samuel, Alexis, Jennifer, Madison, Matthew, Brody, and Sheridan.


Laura said...

I'm thankful with you!!

Ashley said...

That is awesome!

Your pictures of your kids with their birth weight cracked me up!

Praying for your sale; keep praying for my pregnancy. Sale prep over here is going well! Should be a big sale--lots of momentum and new volunteers!!!