Thursday, August 6, 2009

You say duct tape, I say Duck Tape

Last night I had a late hair cut appointment out of town. It was about 6:00 when I walked out of the salon with my glamour do. Really, I don't ever look even half as coifed as I do the moment she teases my hair and sprays it in place.

I needed to run by WM because ours is out of pink Duck tape. (made by Duck Tape, but it might be DUCT tape to you) Seriously, they make Duck tape in 15 fashion colors now. Our sale is pink, we need pink tape.

I decide to run by Sonic on the way to WM because, 1) I didn't have any kids with me and 2) who passes up a Sonic without thinking about it? I'm trying to be a little food conscious in preparation for my sale, I order a grilled cheese sandwich and a water. If you didn't know it, Sonic has great grilled cheese sandwiches...don't laugh! It's grilled perfectly on Texas toast and it's cheap! It also took all the will power I could muster to not have my usual diet vanilla I was feeling particularly proud of myself.

I pull into WM as I finish my sandwich and as I step out of my car I notice I have dropped something on my shirt! I'm wearing my pink Rhea Lana shirt and I don't go ANYWHERE in town without people asking me about the sale! I'm so proud to have the pink t-shirt and the glamour hair! BUT, I have a drop of melted cheese on the outermost point of my chest. Can you see this?

I've got my head down and I scrape it off, and then...I put that little bite of melted cheese in my mouth. And then I look up, and there are two people waiting to get in their car beside mine! I'm officially humiliated, in my pink shirt, with my car magnet on the back of my car for all the world to see and I'm eating off my shirt with glamour hair.

It's hard to cover up the top of your chest and not look conspicuous. Especially in the duck tape aisle.

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Laura said...

You are hysterical! I loved this story!!!!!!!