Thursday, August 20, 2009


I've been running crazy for the past 10 days. It feels like 20. We had a wonderful, wonderful event with more clothes than we've ever had, more consignors than we've ever had, more space than we've ever had, more volunteers, and more work.

We had more baby equipment than ever! I was thrilled to double stack 8 foot tables to get it all in! Good thing we had it, we had over 50 Moms-to-Be come in on the first night!!

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

I must say THANK YOU first to Richard for the un-ending support, even when I'm grumpy and short with my words and asleep before he can tell me what I need to know about home. Thank you to Ryan who worked the first two 13 hour days right beside me. The third day he stood out in thunder and heavy rain and directed parking for 6 hours! He brought his manners and was not only an impressive young man, but a son who brought his mother delight.

Lauren, thank you for help with the 1000+ items at home, and for sorting shoes, toys and baby items for around 6 hours on Saturday. Thank you Erin and Sheridan for helping set up all the racks, cleaning things that I didn't have time to pick up, helping put out our items, and helping sort shoes and shoes and more shoes at the beginning and the end of the sale. My mom and dad were awesome...came the first two CRAZY days and helped get things rolling. My a blessing, to say the least.

I didn't start out to post all that...but family is why I do this sale. I meet a thousand women who represent 1000 families. I try to treat everyone with respect and friendliness, I want them to leave with not only a great value, but a good feeling. This is one of our utmost goals for our sale and I think we do a pretty good job of loving on those who come in the doors. I also make friendships with my 15 leaders, my 100's those who come back time after time who let you know what's going on in their lives. It's a good feeling to be able to have this "service" for ladies to not only work, but stretch their budget with clothes for their kids, and to make money with what they already have. For MANY, this is their income as a SAHM.

This is one of my leaders, Katie, with her new baby Olivia. Olivia was born on Pre Sale night. This is her first shopping Rhea Lana's. Last year, one of my other leaders had a baby on Pre Sale night! Who will be next??

I've napped the last two days...just trying to catch up. I stretched myself physically, mentally, and emotionally for 10 days and it takes awhile to catch up! In 8 days I head to NWA to do the same thing over again. Ashley is having a baby and I'm going to help out at her event. All that, and I get a new niece at the same time!

Gotta love family!!

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Laura said...

Wow!!! You did GREAT, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful to hear how well everything went!!!!!!!!!!