Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

It's a year of changes as Ryan goes to the high school, Lauren and Erin will both be in the junior high, and Sheridan goes to 1st grade.

Schedules have been received, Sheridan's teacher was posted last week, and locker combinations have been memorized. We have new folders, paper and highlighters. Ryan is going to give a LLBean backpack a challenge. Erin is taking my flute to school, and Lauren will be marching with the senior high band during the half time of Ryan's high school football games.

Ryan was thrilled to wear this fire coat colored shirt. He was chosen as an ambassador to help with new students during the year. The only good thing we could think of about it was it made him look tan. He's not driving to school...just thinking of the day when he can.

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Laura said...

Oh I hope they all have a terrific year!!! I selfishly hope Sheridan loves 1st grade. :)