Wednesday, July 1, 2009


(This is the stage I was decorating when I broke my foot)

Vacation Bible School week is one of my most favorite weeks of the year. It's the week when the church is doing what the church should be doing...loving on kids and families, serving one another, sharing the gospel and having fun.

One year we tried to change the name to Fantastic Bible Celebration (FBC) but that didn't take hold. VBS today is not your grandmother's VBS. There are no sit down, stand up chords... and three years ago we took out the salutes to the Bible and the flags and fortunately haven't been hit by lightning once!

Over 140 leaders on Parent's Night:

I love to be silly at church during VBS. Most of the year I'm pretty conservative with my silliness. I think church should be fun, and I think without laughter, silliness and pure joyfulness we're probably not going to reach this generation for Christ.

Swamp Stomp in the mornings:

It was a real BUMMER for me this year to have broken my foot the Friday before VBS. The last time I missed VBS I had just had Sheridan. That was 6 years ago. This year I felt so left out! I even went to the church a couple of days to sort envelopes that had been haphazardly taken out of the chairs. Stimulating. I offered to answer phones. I watched the opening one day from the sound booth with Richard. Ryan and three other terrific ladies were leading the music. They did such a great job. It's not at all that someone couldn't do that job...I just wanted to be that one!

So enough with my whining. This year was Erin's first year to be a leader. All of my big kids are great with little I wasn't worried about her at all. Keeping up with her backpack and her kids, yes. Loving them, no.

Here are pictures of Lauren and Erin in a skit on Parent's night:

The week was wonderful and on Thursday I was invited to help counsel those who responded to the message of salvation. What an obvious love God has for children, as their hearts are always so open to new and wonderful things. That's certainly why Jesus told us to come to Him as children; open and trusting.

I love VBS. Even from at home.

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Ashley said...

I prayed to receive Christ at VBS with HD McCarty when I was 9.