Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big plans

I'm totally thrilled to have found a BEAUTIFUL bed set for our new bed. Yes, our bed isn't here yet, but I got a chance to go shopping with a friend in NWA and found the PERFECT set for us!

It will be at least two weeks until I can get it all put together, but it's not everyday when you buy new bedding....a sneak peek:


Shelley said...

Beautiful! I love the blue/brown combo.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I love the blue/brown combo too! Blue is and has always been my favorite color, and brown is one of my new favorite colors in the past two years. I think it's because I can wear it so well, but who cares why. :)

And yes, we are Michiganders. The day you commented, the Detroit Free Press email I received had a headline about Michiganders. I still think more than one should be Michigeese, but no one asked me. I think I haven't been here long enough for my opinion to count. Either than or my Southern accent is still a little too pronounced.

Laura said...

This is so pretty! I am so happy for you! One day I want a king sized bed, too! I can't wait until you get everything and can enjoy it in your home!!!!