Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LOTS of prayer and a few hours of sleep

I worked for Ashley last week in NWA. The event was CRAZY with around 650 consignors, 64,000 items, lines of shoppers, and long long hours. I'm now enjoying my 3rd day of rest and I have unloaded my pictures of the store. There wasn't very much unused carpet in our 14,000 space not used it was either very exciting or very overwhelming!

High points:
I saw my college roommate for the first time in 16 years. She looks much better than me...we will turn 40 on the same day this month.

I saw one of our young friends from UofO who now has a baby. I got to love on her.

I waited on Mrs Duggar (from 18 and Counting). What a beautiful lady and the two children she had with her were precious too!

I met and visited with Kelly Stamps from the blog Kelly's Korner. What a sweet girl who is fulfilling the call of an unexpected ministry!

Now for the rest...

The girls side of the far as you can see:

The infant aisle:

Busy ladies...during check out:

Shopers: (a few brave men)

Steffanie was the best partner! She and Ashley are compliments to each other and Steffanie let me come in and fill in the gaps. Making a new friend was a bonus! Have I already mentioned that she had to go to the ER one night of the sale? Yes, that was certainly not a high point and I'm glad they got her meds straightened's crazy what a whole lotta' stress and blood pressure medicine can do to you!!

It turned out to be a wonderful event with record sales and happy consignors. I learned some things about myself:

1) I can go on less than 4 hours of sleep for several days in a row if there is constant motion.
2) I can eat one meal a day for several days and make it just fine.
3) I don't just need to spend time with my family, I need to see and hug and talk and listen to my family.
4) I love our Rhea Lana works...but I like to shoot trouble down before it comes and crawls over me!!
5) I don't like being in the lightning rod position for a couple of thousand ladies who have questions.
6) I have a few very precious friends who pray seriously and did for me during the week. I WOULD NOT have physically been able to make it without God's strength.

This is what I looked like all week:

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Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I'm just wondering what you were thinking in that last picture or what somebody said!

Has Ashley had her baby yet or was she working this sale still pregnant?

Alex will be thrilled to know you waited on Mrs. Duggar. She loves to watch that show and I was watching it with her and Ashley last night for a little bit. It's a reality show that is truly reality. Glad they were so sweet in person too, although I'm not surprised at all.