Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here comes the band!

We had a nail-biter football game last night, with a last minute ending. It will get it's own post later...but this is dedicated to the band! Last night was Lauren's first time marching in her uniform with the High School Band!

Friday night High School football games have a spirit of their own! It's so fun in our small town to be surrounded by people you know, cheer for kids you know, clap for the ups, grown at the fumbles, and watch your kids enjoy their friends and activities.

I must say, being a former band student myself, that bands are notorious for their less than flattering, and always seemingly outdated uniforms. From a distance, they look GREAT! And that's the point...performance value.

Last night when Lauren came to see us after half time, Sheridan said (loudly), "Why does she have bowling shoes on?" I had to muffle my giggle, because there isn't a black pair of band shoes anywhere that is the least bit fashionable...and Sheridan innocently pointed out the obvious.

I love it that Lauren didn't care. She's found something she loves to do and is doing it with all her heart.

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