Monday, September 14, 2009


I've been in the "resting" mode for the last 7 days and I'm ready to get some things done! For instance...we put together our BEAUTIFUL new king bed on Friday...but now the whole room needs a little freshening up! One thing led to another and now Ryan has our queen bed, his captain bed is in the garage...I have bedding in boxes...because where do you put it? I need to make a list, and I need to be motivated this week:

1) re-arrange master bedroom, pick out a new paint color
2) clean out master bedroom closet
3) clean out shelf city (our storage room)
4) sort and empty 3 plastic bins of papers that have been collecting from this summer
5) put the towel basket away (swimming is over)
6) sell full captain bed & queen bedding
7) make a plan for the girls' room makeover
8) get all sale equipment and tubs to the storage unit

Already on the calendar this week:
Monday: take Ryan to doctor for medicine at 9:30
Lauren, band after school
Sheridan, soccer practice after school
Erin, Lauren & Ryan soccer practice at 6PM

Tuesday: hair cut at noon
Lauren, band after school

Wednesday: sub at school, lead shout choir in the PM
Lauren, cross country after school and doctor appointment for physical

Thursday: sub at school, Erin football duties in the PM

Friday: Ryan's football game is an hour away, Lauren will travel with the band

This morning Sheridan is at home with a terrible stomach ache. I'm hoping after a morning nap she can go to school when I go get Ryan...what a week this will be!

A good week for our verse...Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as unto the Lord, not unto men.

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