Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friday night highlight

thanks to Debbie May for this picture

This is my little boy who always wanted a "real" set of football pads for Christmas. I never could find any we could afford. He dressed up in a Cowboys halloween costume for more years than he should've around the house. He and I used to play football in the yard and my favorite quote from him will always be, "Mom, you throw better than Troy Aikman." Such a compliment.

He didn't get to play Boys Club football, it was just starting when he was in third grade and we just weren't sure. In junior high he watched most all the games from the sideline, and fortunately he didn't get discouraged enough to quit. After a few injuries last year and trips to the orthopedic doctor...he finally grew into his body and has earned playing time on the High School team.

Last Friday night he had 11 seconds that he may not ever repeat in his life, but he'll certainly never forget. The score was tied and he caught a pass and headed to the endzone. The defender was right with him at the goal line and he knew he had to get past that pylon. He dove and knocked it over and what seemed like 30 minutes (to him) of conferring between the refs, their hands went up to signal the touchdown. It was awesome!

Ryan was sick all last week, but he just wouldn't miss school and possibly miss his playing time. Yesterday he was diagnosed with bronchitis and hopefully the strong medicine he was prescribed will nip the ongoing cough and bad throat.

I'm proud of my boy, for sticking with it, for playing with all his heart.

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