Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tough girls

We're not very reactionary parents. We don't panic about weather advisorys and we didn't store up a lot of food for Y2K. We take a lot of things as they roll and consider ourselves prepared or at least grounded (in faith) enough to "roll with the punches." HOWEVER, all this discussion about H1N1 can hardly be avoided. Do we take it, do we not take it? That has been the question all over town!

On Wednesday all our kids got the shots at school: BOTH the influenza and the H1N1 nasal mist. I took Sheridan to get hers after school. The shot was going to hurt for a little bit, but hearing other kids screaming was almost too much to handle for us both.

Another mom pointed out that they didn't think the schedule through very well. They started with the high school and worked their way down to the Primary School around 2:30. Do you know how much each and every one of those 5 and 6-year-olds thought about that all day?! I was thankful that Sheridan put on her brave face and then let me snuggle with her in the car before we drove home.

I was reading the paper they sent home with us to verify she had been given the shot. It said something like, "will need to have a second dose in a month." Now, they didn't tell us about that, so I was reading it out loud and said something like, "I wonder what that means?" Sheridan cleared it up for me: "Mom, not everyone speaks English and 'dos' means two."

Lauren and Erin were in the Jr High together for their shots. One of them has always been able to stir up fear for the unknown. Fortunately, their sister was able to offer a thumbs up as they were inoculated.

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Love the band-aid pictures!