Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playoffs 2009

I was subbing this last Friday when the football team, cheerleaders, and coaches did a "walk through pep rally" in the elementary schools so that the kids could cheer on their team. I admit it, I knew their names and I used them. It's kind of like they're celebrities for a few minutes, and it's a good thing.

Tyler, Alex, Ryan, Dustin

It's amazing how much football I've actually watched and can intelligently converse about after this year's season. I've been especially happy for my boy who earned his playing time and then played well. I'm thankful he wasn't injured, and I'm seriously thankful his sophomore year he got to go to the playoffs. In fact, I've never been so excited for our local team, imagine that!

Mom and Dad drove 3+ hours to see the game! Lauren came over to see us during the 3rd quarter, this was her final (Freshman year) performance in the marching band too.

We lost our game, it was ugly, but these boys had a good year, and I'm glad I got to go along.

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