Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Date night

We never take our entire family to a Razorback game. Whether it's the time of the game, or the cost of tickets, or other activities...it just doesn't work out. Richard often wants me to go with him, but I don't want to impose on someone to keep my kids for about 5 hours while we travel to and enjoy the game.

This last Saturday was an exception! The big kids all had a youth event and so Sheridan spent the afternoon and evening with her sweet friend who lives across the road. I was so thankful for this date!

We even met some of our college friends and had dinner before the game! Richard met Robert at U of A and we were all friends through our church group. Heidi went to Baylor and when they got married Richard was in their wedding! Robert also was one of Richard's groomsmen.

When we had Ryan, they had Jacob. When we had Lauren, they had Emily. When we had Erin, they had Hallie. Heidi was next with Tessie (who's now 7) and then I had Sheridan (who is 6). As far as we both know, we're all done. We have A LOT in common, including seeing them during the summers for a couple years when Ryan and Jacob played baseball against each other!

REALLY, you could tell that both of us seldom visit with adults and without our kids...we talked for the entire 5 hours We've wanted to get together for several years, I guess we just had to wait until our kids were big enough to take care of themselves.

All that to say, it's a blessing to have "couple friends" and to be able to get together! Counting our blessings...

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