Monday, November 23, 2009

Eating Good

Every year our church holds a family Thanksgiving potluck. I love this day! I act as hostess and direct veggies and meat to the main serving room and desserts to the dessert tables (or my car!).
Monday the deacons set up the room. On Tuesday, a group of ladies decorate. (I wish I had a better picture.) I love that so many different families cook and bake for this day...and they bring it all to share.

This last Wednesday we served over 500 people. Because we serve 150 meals every Tuesday night, we invited those folks to come too. Oh, when the church does what the church is supposed to do, it is so sweet! I loved that families who might not come to a "big" church like ours walked in and were immediately welcomed by whomever they stood in line with. The entire foyer was filled from front to long and as deep as our building is! It gives me a great feeling of joy that there was not only enough food, but kind and caring people for our guests to eat with.

Although some folks sit with their friends and family, when tables had open seats Richard and I seated people together who had never met. I pray that all those who came were made to feel welcome and loved. I pray that not only were their stomachs full, but their hearts too.

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