Monday, November 30, 2009

Thursday Thanksgiving

Ahhh, smells of cooking turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes on the stove.
Gravy being whipped and pies in bakery boxes.
Trees loosing their leaves as we look from the picture windows.
Sun streaming in to give light to our celebration.
Football on tv and kids running here and there...

Our Thanksgiving tradition: gingerbread houses. I always think I don't want to do it...and there I am, with icing up to my knuckles and organizing the gum drops on the roof and sprinkles on "grass." It's wonderful when the weather cooperates and we can work outside. Of course, with 4 children under seven and my three big candy monsters, there's not a lot of loose candy to be found!

Three generations doing their thing!

Not every child gets to use a leaf blower when they're 6! Sheridan is seen here using it on her cousin!

Ryan and Annelise. So sweet.

Sugar Loaf Mountain:

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