Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Walk Through Town

I guess the best thing about surprises are that they are unexpected.

Over our Thanksgiving break Richard wanted us to go on a hike. He suggested a trail that runs straight through the middle of our town. Now, in my defense, I had everyone ready to put up the tree and decorate the house. The girls had decided that they were going to wear their pjs all day and I hadn't fixed my hair. So, it was with some hesitation that we all agreed to the hike.

We were all surprised during the 1.8 mile walk on crunchy leaves and winding paths. It was beautiful and we all benefited from the family time. We didn't expect the wonderful morning and it won't be our last time to go downtown for a hike!

Boys will be boys:

The funniest moment was this, walking through a field, seemingly off course. We wandered off the path and went walking in a pasture! It didn't take us long to see the path off through the trees...but this was funny! We were, afterall, right in the middle of town!

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