Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pepto Pink

I'm still working on the girls' room re-model. They are obviously living around the remaining laundry baskets of books and totes. (They may not even notice them!)

I had it in my mind to re-paint the furniture going back in their room and a good friend gave me the brightest colors I couldn't pass up. OK, so Lauren isn't too hip on the pink...and I admit it's a little pepto for my taste, but it will look awesome as soon as it's finished and loaded with their books. I painted their desk turquoise and I think it looks GREAT against the pale yellow walls.

I have a habit of starting big projects and never finishing them quite all the way. I will say the freezing temperatures have held me up on painting this time, but now we're supposed to have a few warmer days. I want them to love this room and know I did my best.

My goal is to finish this bookshelf tomorrow and then get it in the room on Tuesday. I'll take more pictures then.

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Laura said...

You're right about the pink--it will look great once it's all finished and the books are on it the shelves and you see the shelf in the room with everything else!

Happy painting! :)